Anatome intro screen

  Posted Monday, September 5th, 2016 • One Year Project

Making a well-being app for Android

I led a team at University to create a native Android application for student well-being in Java.

We chose to create an app for student well-being called ‘Anatome’, with subsections focusing on different CBT techniques. I sought members of staff in our student wellbeing service to act as stakeholders, and, following a waterfall approach, we researched competing products in order to spec’ out, design and develop an Android application and marketing website. We published it to Google’s Play store, and the project culminated in a stand at a project fair.

The app’s design was skeumorphic – the main scroll was the human body, with sections such as the brain, heart and liver taking you to subsections with information about mental health, anxiety and substance abuse. Each section had links to helpful information, and some form of practical tool – a note taker, a breathing excercise with positive comments from the community, an alcohol unit tracker. We also integrated a faux appointments booking system.

I gained experience:

  • Programming native mobile applications
  • Using VCS in a team
  • Liasing with stakeholders
  • Time management, planning and prioritisation
  • Leading a project to successful delivery
Team project poster for Anatome