Posted Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Apple Game-Center integration for OSRS mobile

Game-center is Apple’s first-party suite of game services, and to launch OldSchool RuneScape on mobile we needed to provide a means for users to log-in without explicitly creating a RuneScape account.

I helped deliver Apple Game-Center log-in integration to support the mobile release of OldSchool RuneScape in October 2018. This was a load-balanced Java-based web-service that had to integrate with both our legacy infrastructure for account management, and the iOS game client. The feature enabled us to pass Apple’s curation to be featured at the top of their App Store upon release, and the game ultimately went on to win several awards (BAFTA, Develop). This service facilitated the creation of more than a million game accounts, reducing the barrier-for-entry for new players by implicitly creating a RuneScape account and linking their Game-Center credentials to it, allowing them to “upgrade” their account details via the RuneScape website at a later date. The system continues operating with a significant amount of traffic at any given time.

I gained experience conducting:

  • 3rd party communication at a technical level
  • Cross-departmental planning with client developers to establish requirements, release schedules
  • API-first design (using OAS 3)
  • Server-side, certificate-based (cryptographic) authentication following developer documentation
  • Deploying a modern web service to cope with high-load (discoverable, monitored) 
  • Risk analyses for potential vulnerabilities
  • Collaborating with player-support and localisation teams to support the work through to launch