KeepFit design live feedback

  Posted • 6 Month Course project

Human-computer interaction research

Rapidly prototyping web interfaces for use by teachers, children and fitness instructors

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We were given the brief of designing an online portal for a real fitness programme "KeepFit" intended to promote exercise in local school children. The end result was a simple, geographical portal to data of fitness activities in schools, with light gamification elements to provide a connected context. The interface had a consideration for user privacy, with levels of role-based access to certain screens, and clear presentation for children.

To create the prototype, I interviewed teachers and a fitness coach at the Newcastle United Foundation in order to produce personas. From this I produced a guided process to address the problems they presented, placing emphasis on the user journeys inside and outside of the context of the proposed interface. I iterated based on live user feedback from Balsamiq and InVision, and justified my design decisions against academic writing.

I gained experience:

  • Off-site requirements gathering with clients
  • Storyboarding, paper prototyping
  • Mobile-first design, wireframing
  • User testing

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