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Fixing bugs in open-source software

A PHP-based contract to fix bugs in open-source software

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My contract was to deliver extensions to academic database software (RED Cap) to enable the localisation of medical surveys for the Institute of Genetic Medicine. My key responsibilities were to deliver working additions to the software, the lack of which were preventing members of staff from adopting newer versions. My key responsibilities were:

  • To collaborate with members of the software’s open-source community in identifying the causes of the issues
  • To replicate the current solution in a separate environment to sandbox experiments 
  • To diagnose the cause of their issues and write a solution in PHP (and share it!), working with legacy software and customising it to suit a client’s needs
  • To document the solution thoroughly for non-technical users 

The project was a success – I was able to fix their issue, and gain experience consulting and working remotely.

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