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  Posted Friday, September 20th, 2019

Building Jagex's corporate blog

I helped deliver a corporate blog for the Jagex website, following a period of time where the only avenue for external communication was via industry news contacts. Jagex has since been able to empower editors in various departments to create a voice to share their successes and general runnings.

I helped create a corporate blog for the Jagex website. As part of the web team, I contributed to the content modelling within our headless-CMS solution Contentful, which expanded iteratively over time in collaboration with our internal customers to include things commonplace in any blog – authorship, rich-text-content and embedding, timed publication, categorisation and search. Around this, I helped build a content-authoring pipeline using AWS and ElasticSearch that resulted in a highly-available website with content decoupled from its use in the front-end. In this way, editors needn’t worry about how their content would be visually displayed in the context of the website, and we were able to build an API layer to perform caching, filtering, and easily re-use the content elsewhere (i.e. an RSS feed). The blog itself was delivered quickly in a ‘lean‘ fashion, and immediately put to use – we additionally implemented modern SEO and preview features to empower sharing.

The Jagex blog

I gained experience

  • Requirements gathering and ideating with stakeholders
  • Using Agile SCRUM to deliver a scoped MVP of a product
  • Using AWS cloud services (ELB, Cloudfront) to host and deliver content efficiently
  • Using Datadog to monitor uptime
  • Designing content models abstract enough for re-use and flexibility
  • Writing a Node-based, Typescript SDK for content ingest
  • Creating a modern website (using EJS, TypeScript, SCSS) with GitOps (VSC BitBucket Cloud & Pipelines, Semantic Versioning)