Screen-grab from the demo video of a ride-sharing project where a lady is sitting on the floor unboxing a resource pack

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Advanced interaction design

Rapidly prototyping tactile systems to connect communities

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Given a brief of connecting a community through technology, we learned and applied design theory through fieldwork, iterative prototyping and evaluation. Our final proposal was a tactile ride-sharing system for small neighbourhoods in low-income areas.

The proposal for the project

In a team, I conducted interviews with a target audience, led whiteboarding sessions, created storyboards for user flows, and filmed a video proposal.

I gained experience:

  • Developing user personas based on functional and non-functional requirements gathering
  • Using qualitative research processes to collect data to inform designs
  • Applying rapid prototyping and evaluation techniques against usability principles
  • Using affordances and constraints to scope a design
  • Technological prototyping with physical tools, conveying vision of finished product
  • Constructively critiquing the work of peers

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