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SCRUM master certification

Having worked in an Agile team for a few years, I completed a SCRUM training course to help iron out the kinks

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I completed a three day certified SCRUM master course delivered by the SCRUM Alliance. I had used variants of Agile project management frameworks for years, but had never sought any official guidance. My experience in industry had prepared me with many questions, as I had seen where we had struggled so-far – usually when co-ordinating projects across teams operating with different methodologies.

I had chosen the SCRUM master training as I often found myself representing my teams – either presenting work, engaging with customers, or collaborating with others. Being an envoy in this way meant I was already often fulfilling the requirements of a SCRUM master – removing blockers for my teams, and being a proponent of more introspective and adaptive methods of working.

In addition to brushing up on the formal principles of the SCRUM framework and its ceremonies, I gained:

  • New methods of assessing team health in retrospectives
  • Clarity on the full role of a product owner, and alignment in “vision” should come about
  • Clarity on breaking down work in a funnel, and finer points empowering teams to be truly self-organizing
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