The background of the game Space Keeper showing some sort of floating space ship

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Designing a puzzle game for Ludum Dare

As a lighthouse keeper in space, your job is to signal to ships approaching obstacles how to avoid them

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I took part in the Ludum Dare Game Jam 38 with the theme "A Small World". This was the first LDJ I completed on my own, and my idea was to create a micro-management puzzle game where you play a lighthouse-keeper in space informing ships sending distress signals from upcoming hazards – flitting between them to give them new information as to what to do next to stay safe.

I managed to model some simple assets in Blender, and create a scale of difficulty for the distress types. Ultimately, the game was too hard, however it had a functional loop, and it was fun to be both the artist and programmer on the same project. I ran out of time to do some things I wanted to do, so I think prioritising functionality over appearance early on is a better strategy for future jams.

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