A low-poly frozen lake at night surrounded by trees

  Posted • One Week Project project

Designing a mobile VR experience

Invoke a calm, child-like state of mind as you walk around a serene, frozen lake catching snowflakes in this VR experiment

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I created a mobile VR game using Unity and Blender. I’d been given a Google Cardboard at a conference, and wanted to try their SDK and learn how to make low-poly models for future games. I made a short game called Winterlight where you walk around a frozen lake, looking up at the sky and sticking your tongue out with the action button to collect falling snowflakes on your tongue. I published it on both the Apple and Google Play app stores for free.

I distinctly remember sitting up on my bed in the dark at 2 a.m. after exhaustedly exporting my apk, and crying in delight as I looked up at the snow through the lens.

I gained experience:

  • 3D modelling a full scene in Blender, exporting for use
  • Using Unity’s physics systems in C#
  • Using beta SDKs to create a VR camera
  • Publishing to the iOS and Google Play stores
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