RuneFest 2017

 April, 2016 to July, 2017

Web Systems Intern @ Jagex

I worked at a games studio on my placement year as part of my degree. I developed full-stack skills, contributing to the front-end, back-and and QA of several live game services in an Agile environment.


I worked in a large, multi-disciplined department following Agile methods to deliver maintenance and longer-term project work to support and evolve both RuneScape MMO products. The nature of the internship saw me shadow and adopt collection of roles – from QA (test engineer for website and game clients), to front-end website developer, back-end systems engineer, and aspects of production. In doing so, I came to understand how a mature games studio functions, and was able to contribute to several stages in a publishing pipeline for “living games” to deadlines. The experience was an invaluable introduction to professional work in the games industry, and I threw myself head-first into every opportunity.

My key responsibilities were to:

  • Deliver new web-services to meet the evolving needs of our platform
  • Deliver new marketing websites and extensions to CMS functionality for editors
  • Support the release of new games, providing to DLLs integrate with new web-services
  • Support the current games by resolving technical debt – bugs in legacy systems threatening their stability
  • Help improve team processes and standards with the introduction of new continuous integration tools


I developed primarily for Java web-servers which exposed APIs consumed by our website front-ends, and the game clients, before moving to a client-side project requiring Javascript (AngularJS) and C++

  • The delivery of a (secret) cross-platform software product from ideation to internal beta release, including UX design, business proposal and front-end MVC implementation. Throughout, I strived to deliver creative solutions to complex technological problems, and promote clear communication between teams and stakeholders
  • Building a corporate website with accompanying CMS system to brand guidelines, and supporting the delivery of marketing microsites
  • The deployment of a refreshed microservice architecture and accompanying RESTful orchestration API to manage accounts databases – working with reverse-proxies (Nginx) and service discovery tools (Consul, Zuul)
  • The implementation of automated testing tools and monitoring dashboards to measure the continued health of systems
  • Delivering of “lightning talks” on the outcomes of research into risk modelling, asynchronous programming and API design
  • Representing the company at conferences, outreach events such as University presentations
  • Using personal development time to attain valuable project management skills leading small teams to rapidly prototype games and game services for mobile and web applications