Me sitting with a young girl at a laptop with a wheeled Arduino robot

 August, 2015 to August, 2018

Outreach Support Officer @ Newcastle University

Throughout my time at Newcastle University I played a supporting role in the school of computing's outreach programme, creating educational material and delivering teaching sessions at local schools.


I helped develop an outreach programme by conducting research and producing educational resource packs and accompanying activities. This included building and programming robotics units using Arduino, Pico, the BBC Microbit and Raspberry Pis (with C, Python). During this time, I contributed to the graphics design of posters and leaflets, website design, as well as general office work with the aim of improving our engagement and presence.

Research consisted of appraising the outreach efforts of other institutions, and helping develop an identity for the department's outreach efforts. Throughout my work I put great importance on conveying my ideas visually.


We held successful events at local schools and libraries where we guided young students to develop what were to many their first computer programs, and gave teachers the means to continue the same work. I’ve got younger siblings, I’ve always enjoyed working with students, and teaching and inspiring an early interest in technological literacy is something I believe is incredibly important.

I gained experience with

  • Public speaking / teaching
  • Events management
  • Web & graphics design, working to a style-guide