My view as an instructor teaching remotely

 October, 2021

Workshop Instructor @ Skills Gap

I lead workshops on coding for game design for groups of young adults on behalf of a non-profit skills accelerator


I was contacted to lead this workshop based on my employment history, however the content itself was left up to me!

  • Design presentation content including games industry history, roles, production cycles, technical implementation and career advice
  • Design a series of accessible practical exercises showcasing game development considerations including live coding
  • Multiple rehearsals and content adjustments
  • Assist in writing copy for enrollment micro site
  • Delivery of workshop presentation and practical for several hours
  • Creation of additional resources including a glossary of key game development terms and links to further education
  • Participation in a Q&A panel discussion immediately following


Getting the level of detail right was paramount in order to make the content engaging and relevant without leaving students behind

  • Gained experience producing educational resources and formatting them for professional use
  • Gained experience delivering lectures, while including dynamic elements like live polling for student interaction
  • Gained experience performing freelance work to a contract with deadlines

I received 5/5 positive feedback for my presentational skills as judged by participants in a survey following the workshop, who also deemed the content useful to starting a career in the games industry! Here's what they said...

"The video game development class was great and highly informative experience! The mix of hands-on coding as well as information about the variety of roles in the industry and the panel Q&A was really well done. Highly recommend for those interested in the field"

"The coding for game design workshop was incredibly useful and informative, providing information about the different roles in the games industry, and providing an opportunity to see what working in the games industry might look like. Most importantly it provided me with information on how to get into the games industry and the panel helped me answer some questions I've had for a long time. 10/10 experience"

"Very helpful informative workshops, particularly in relation to the 'Coding for Game Design' workshop."

"The experts they bring on board provided lots of very helpful information."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the 'Coding for Game Design' workshop, specifically exploring the different career paths in the games industry, their importance as well as what they may entail"

"I found the Coding for Game Design workshop immensely helpful and informative in explaining the different careers in the world of games."