Me holding my head in excitement above a puzzle at RuneFest

 July, 2018 to May, 2020

Full Stack Web Systems Engineer @ Jagex

I worked in the online service team building the majority of the modern, game-agnostic web-services necessary to support the creation and delivery of RuneScape franchise games


I worked in medium-sized Agile teams building systems ranging from accounts managing player data, to monetisation and analytics pipelines, bespoke product marketing sites, forums and player-support tools. I also occasionally built client-side integrations with our services for game teams, co-ordinating release strategies and providing interfaces to manage our systems.

Throughout, I was committed to a culture of sharing knowledge across departments - this meant organising lightning talks, project retrospectives and hack-a-thons.

Some typical examples of released work


I supported the launch of the RuneScape franchise on mobile with Java microservices to replace legacy ones. The meant adopting IaC and a multitude of new technologies. The launch saw our peak daily CCU jump to 150,000 people, which tested the efficacy of the systems. I primarily delivered an accounts system with social integrations, built bespoke, high-quality microsites, but also worked on smaller R&D projects where I gained product ownership skills leading teams rapidly prototyping further game services - I even got a SCRUM certification.

In my spare time, I also helped run the diversity group, the server-side community of practice, and open sourced tools I made during projects.

Throughout, I supported the team in improving our capabilities: